Zombie Fest Special Effects Makeup

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You don’t need to be a professional make-up artist to create a genuine zombie look. There a various ways to create great special effects by using inexpensive items from home. From fake blood to the goriest of wounds it s all very easily achievable without spending a truckload on professional special effects products. Get creative when adding texture to your wounds.

Paint a coat of liquid latex on the area where you wish to create a wound and let that dry. Use pieces of toilet paper rolled up on the sides to create tears and gashes. Once the toilet paper is in place apply another layer of latex to the area to hold it down. Items such as candle wax, cardboard, string and pieces of plastic can also work very well to build texture and create fabulous special effects without costing a cent!

Fake blood can easily be made from home also if you don’t want to purchase it. Simply use red food coloring in conjunction with some corn syrup and cocoa. Adding a little cocoa powder to the mix give the blood a clotting effect as it is drying and makes the blood visibly more realistic.

There are many great online tutorials that can be followed to learn how to apply your zombie makeup effectively and free of charge. Just take a look at this video below to see how the layers are applied to create the special effects.

So there you have it, simple special effects for your zombie fest that won’t cost you an arm and a leg!